Block Therapy: Mini Intensives

Tue Nov 05 - Tue Dec 17

Full Body Double Blocking Series

Double your Blocks, double your release!! Please join us for our next Mini Intensive series “Full Body Double Blocking”. We will do a variety positions in each 75 min class with two Blocks to release the whole body! The options are endless and you will have a whole new experience with the Block. For this particular class, you will need to BYOB – Bring Your Own Block – you will require your own Block in addition to using one of the Studio’s Blocks. Be prepared to find a deep, deep level of release!

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Lead Your Best Life: Fascia is Fascinating

Fri Nov 15 6:30PM - Fri Nov 15 7:45PM

Once you start to learn about the function (and sometimes dysfunction) of the fascial system the root cause of many of our body’s aches and pains become clear. If you live with headaches, have been sitting at a desk for decades and feel like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz, have chronic cold hands and feet, are struggling with a nagging injury that just won’t get better, or have just NEVER been able to touch your toes, then investing in this 75 minute workshop is EXACTLY what you need! Come and learn what fascia is, how to improve the health of your fascial system with simple at home strategies and how to move from reacting to fascia disorganization to being proactive with this web-like tissue that holds our body together.

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Mat Teacher Training

Thu Jan 16 - Sun Jan 19

Get certified! Jana will be hosting Balanced Body Pilates Mat training in early 2020. Click the Sign Up link to learn more.

Course Date
Anatomy for Pilates Jan 16-17
Balanced Body Movement Principles Jan 18-19
Mat 1 Instructor Training Feb 28-Mar 1
Mat 2 Instructor Training Apr 30-May 1
Mat 3 Enhanced Pilates Mat + Props May 2-3

Registration is online through Balanced Body’s website.  Pricing is in USD.

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