Suzanne Shynkaruk

Massage Therapist

Image of Suzanne Shynkaruk

Suzanne Shynkaruk has 9+ years of experience in the Massage Therapy field and completed her training at McKay Massage and graduated with Honours (Swedish/Therapeutic massage and hydrotherapy). Suzanne also has her Certificate in Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy – Advanced Level 2 (head, neck and upper back pain).

Suzanne is an excellent fit to our Lead team bringing a passion for fitness and also a firm believer in Pilates and yoga for ongoing healing and treatment. Utilizing a variety of techniques (deep tissue, myofascial, positional release, muscle energy, mobilizing joints through muscle manipulation) is exactly how Suzanne can treat stubborn pain conditions.

Suzanne is a firm believer in after care and she helps to educate her clients that posture, strength, core stabilization and movement are things to consider in order to prevent these problems from reoccurring. For Suzanne, having this aspect of my after care recommendations available to clients in the same building is something that she couldn’t be happier about.

Suzanne’s Specialties include:

Deep Tissue – This is a slower technique with trigger point work to help break through chronic muscle tension and aches. For those who like a deeper pressure.

Therapeutic Massage – This treatment is used to promote healing, decrease pain and regain range of motion after an injury or overuse syndrome. It can be helpful post surgery.

Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage – for any trimester although some techniques are contra-indicated in the first trimester (lower back). A pregnancy pillow is available that allows mom to lay face down later in her pregnancy.

Relaxation Massage – This technique uses lighter, rhythmic and less “spot-on” treatment. It is good for anyone looking to de-stress or anyone that prefers non-specific work. It promotes relaxation and increases circulation.

Myo-Skeletal Alignment – Therapeutic type of treatment. It is for those who want to help improve posture and help alleviate symptoms/syndromes caused by improper posture. Currently offering upper body treatments to relieve forward head posture, head pain/neck pain, rib/upper back pain, thoracic outlet syndrome.

Accepts SGI and WCB Claims.