At Lead Pilates, we believe in consistent practice so that you can feel and see the changes happening in your body. Our packages are completely flexible. Visits are not required to be the same each week, feel free to manage your schedules based on your busy lifestyle! And your first class is FREE. Unsure of what mix you should have – call us for a complimentary 30 minute consult 306-382-7447!

Session Packages and Group Equipment Packages are purchased on a per Session basis and your classes will expire at the end of that given Session. Our Sessions run: Winter: January to April, Spring/Summer: May to August, Fall: September to December.

Equal monthly payments by credit card or post-dated cheques are available for Session and Group Equipment Packages.

Session Packages*

Session Packages can be used for Flex or Mat classes.  You determine your commitment level for your practice, choose the number of classes that you would like to take in a week and purchase your Session Packages accordingly. Remember, classes are flexible, if you’re are going to be away for a week, you can be in charge of your schedule through your online profile. Click here to manage your classes online.

Mat classes are built on progression in a group atmosphere, for this reason we require our Mat clients to register for the full Session.  In addition, Beginner Mat clients are required to attend at least 2 classes per week.


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Session Packages Per Class Per Month Per Session
1 Class/week Session Package
(Total of 17 classes)
$17.00 $72.25 $289
2 Classes/week Session Package
(Total of 34 classes)
$16.50 $140.25 $561
3 Classes/week Session Package
(Total of 51 classes)
$16.00 $204.00 $816
Beginner Mat Package – 2 Classes/week
(Total of 34 classes)
$16.50 $140.25 $561


Not ready to commit to a Session?  We also have flexible options for Flex classes.

Classes Cost
Single Class Drop In $20.00

Group Equipment Packages*

Group Equipment Packages Per Class Per Month Per Session
1 Pack (17 classes) $25.00 $106.25 $425
2 Pack (34 classes) $25.00 $212.50 $850


Lead Memberships*

Memberships Per Month Per Class
Four Month Membership $259.00 $9.25
One Year $229.00 $8.17

Added Perks!

  • Members Discount: 10% Discount on all Retail at ALL times!
  • Members Access: Early Access to Workshops, Special Classes
  • Flexible Schedule: Over 70 classes per week to choose from!
  • Use up to 28 Flex and Mat classes per month
  • Memberships exclude Group Equipment classes



Private Lessons*

Owner – Jana Senior Certified Instructor Junior Certified Instructor Apprentice
Private $100 $80 $60 $40
Duet $60/person $50/person $30/person
Trio $50/person $40/person
Quartet $35/person $30/person

*All prices are subject to applicable tax.