Bodhi & Restore

Image of Bodhi & Restore

This class combines the raw power of Suspension Training (Bodhi) with the amazing muscular and fascia release you will experience from working with the foam roller, dowels, and acupressure balls. The Bodhi is a new system that stimulates the deep support systems in the body to create integrated, functional and fluid movement.  Its 4 points of suspension creates an environment where balance, strength and flexibility work together to create a more active, more alive exercise experience. Once you complete your Suspension Training (Bodhi) workout, prepare to experience the benefits of using props to stretch and release tight muscles and the fascia that surround those muscles. You will leave this class feeling stronger and restored.




Sunday / Aug 13
No classes
Monday / Aug 14
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Tuesday / Aug 15
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Wednesday / Aug 16
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Thursday / Aug 17
10:15 am - 11:05 am
Friday / Aug 18
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Saturday / Aug 19