10-20-30: Part One

No 10-20-30 isn’t my combination lock, and thank goodness for that, because I can’t open those things to save my life. Plus, I don’t own a combination lock because I’m not in high school and I don’t have anything cool to lock up anyways.

But, I digress. 

Joseph H. Pilates said, “In 10 sessions you will feel a difference. In 20, you will see a difference. And in 30, you will have a whole new body.” 

(Side note: I’ve learned that lots of people didn’t know Pilates was an actual human. He was. It’s not just a random name someone made up. #themoreyouknow)

Now, the thing that threw me was the claim that you will have a whole new body. Like, was I going to go to 30 classes and wake up looking like Gigi Hadid? Would I have an arm where my leg should be? It’s a bold claim, and one that I obviously didn’t understand until I started regularly doing Pilates. Its not that you will one day look like someone else, but that you will have a completely different range of mobility, an entirely new sense of body awareness, and will have strengthened your whole body from the inside out. 

This three part post is designed to help you guys understand what I notice throughout 10, 20, and 30 sessions.

The session based, progressive beginner mat class at Lead is 17 weeks long, with the month of May in the bag, let chat about what I’ve noticed and what you can expect if you take this class in a future session…

It’s slow. It starts at a snail’s pace. Like, I was thinking – how the hell will this accomplish anything? Except, the joke was on me because every little, dinky movement is a precursor to something else. Who knew learning to pair your breath with the smallest pelvic movement would change the way I paid attention to how my body moved all day, every day? 

Also, spoiler alert, that small pelvic curl is the basis for almost every move in Pilates, so you better get it right. 

The beauty of building tiny movement upon tiny movement is that eventually, with on-going practice, you train your body to move differently… in an intentional way that will keep your spine limber and your core strong indefinitely, 

So, after 10 sessions what can I tell you? 

 I am aware of the smallest of movements my body makes, and I am able to correct some bad habits I didn’t realize I had. I’ve had about 10 different people randomly tell me I look like I’ve lost weight. (I haven’t, but it’s cool that it looks like I have.) I feel as though I stand straighter, walk taller, and drive like a mega dweeb with my head on my head rest and hands and 9 and 3. Try it – you will immediately feel you spine correct itself to a neutral position. For the record, nobody told me to do that, I just started feeling really awkward hunched over. Just don’t look over, cause the guy next to you is probably laughing at you, because you look like a big dork. Let him laugh, cause you won’t be a hunchback when you get older. 

Stay tuned for Part Two, and an update after June’s sessions!