3 Reasons Millennials Need Pilates

Pilates may seem like it is for the older generation: our parents and our grandparents, but millennials benefit just as much, if not more from regular Pilates practice.  Here are three reasons millennials need Pilates to ensure they continue to have active futures:

  1. Mindful Movement – Pilates makes you step away from the TV while working out, away from being on your phone while working out. We’re busier than ever, constantly multi-tasking and trying to do more. We should spend more time concentrating on their breath, the way each piece of their body moves and how movement feels in their body.
  2. Postural Awareness – Millennials spend more time sitting at computers and desks, in a forward rounded posture for the majority of the day. They then stand up and spend time looking down at their cell phones. The weight stays more in their toes and balls of their feet as apposed to the 60/40 rule of heel/ball.  Taking Pilates helps create postural awareness and helps correct poor posture habits created over years.
  3. Balanced muscle development – Bikini competitions, body building, and heavy lifting have all become popular with millennials.  Many of their muscles are being strengthened without being lengthened.  Different muscle groups are being targeted and certain areas of the body are focused on, while others are being underutilized so the body cannot work as a cohesive unit.  When muscles are balanced throughout your body, you are able to optimize your performance with less effort and injury.

Hannah, Certified Instructor

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