3 Reasons to Drink More Water

It’s amazing how sometimes it’s the simplest things that we forget to do that play a huge role in our health. Are you feeling groggy and run down? How has your sleep been the past few days?  Are you getting irritable and lacking patience at work? How many hours has it been since you last had a bite to eat or took a break?

Most of us know the right things to do and today I’m not going to be sharing anything new.  In fact, I’m likely preaching to the choir here, but my guess is even you, at times, have forgotten to take in your daily H2O.

Water is more essential to our lives than nearly anything else. You can survive for weeks without food, but take away water and you’ll be a goner in a week.  It’s no wonder then why it’s so important in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.  So, whether you are a water-bottle carrying pro or someone who knows they need more, here are three reasons to drink more water.

  1. You are literally half water – That’s right. I’ll repeat that again. You are literally half water.  Every cell in your body is roughly 50% water. Our cells are these marvellous little things, with a nucleus that houses our DNA, and a plasma membrane that lets all kinds of things come in and out, kind of like a crossing a border into another country. But housed within these cells is a fluid called cytoplasm. This fluid is where all the super cool cell stuff happens, like processing proteins and maintaining body functions. (Sorry for geeking out, biology blows my mind!) But do you know what this fluid is that contains all that super cool cell stuff? Water! 70-90% of every cell’s cytoplasm is water, and 55% of your cell is the cytoplasm. That’s a lot of water. And every day, every one of your cells is doing all kinds of amazing things 24/7. Just imagine trying to operate a 20,000 person company with half the workers but keep the same level of production. That’s what’s happening when we don’t drink enough to water, we are taxing all of our cells and not giving them what they need to function properly. So, do yourself and your roughly 37 trillion cells a favour, get some water in you.
  2. Water increases the mobility of your soft tissues – your muscles and tendons were made to glide over your joints, allowing you to move unhindered and pain free. But when you aren’t drinking enough to water, the space between those soft tissues becomes stickier. Ever been on a slip and slide without the water? Of course you haven’t, the water makes the slip and slide what it is. Your soft tissues were meant to be like that slip and slide, able to glide through motions with speed and ease. Don’t give your joints a waterless slip and slide, drink more water!
  3. Water helps detoxify your entire body – drinking appropriate levels of water every day is the first and most important cleanse you will ever do.  Throughout our body, we produce waste products from the energy we use living our lives and we pick up different toxins from our environments.  Being able to flush those toxins through our urinary and digestive tracts are key to our health.  Drinking water doesn’t just fill up your bladder, it aids your GI tract where the waste from your food leaves. So, if you are having trouble with constipation, try an increase of water first for a few days and see what happens.

Perhaps I’ve sold you on the idea of drinking more water, or perhaps you were already sold, either way a lot of people still don’t know how much water to drink in a day. They’ve been told the standard eight glasses a day, but is that really enough. Let’s go back to the first thing I mentioned, how you are literally half water. If every cell in your body is roughly 50% water, in order to keep those cells functioning properly, we need to consume half our body weight in ounces.

A standard water bottle contains roughly 500ml of water, which is equal to 16.9 fluid ounces. All that means is that if you are a 150 pound (68 KG) person, you need to be drinking 75 ounces of water. If you use standard water bottle as your metric, that means you need to be drinking between 4-5 bottles of water a day.

Maybe that seems like a lot to you, but over the course of a 16-hour day, there are plenty of opportunities to get that much water in. Here is one simple trick to try: set a timer on your phone to ring at the top of every hour you’re awake. When the timer goes, get up from what you’re doing, down a glass of water and get back to it. If you did that with a standard 8-ounce glass every hour you were awake, you would be getting 128 ounces of water in you without even really thinking about it.

There are so many things we can do to promote our own health and wellness, and this simple act of drinking enough water is one that can’t be overlooked.

To your health,
Wesley Hodgson, RMT