4 Ways Lead got me Wedding Day Ready

Well folks, I am on the other side of the wedding planning craziness!  My husband and I had a yearlong engagement and got married in June.  I spent most of the year leading up to our wedding day planning and prepping.  I couldn’t have done it without my family at Lead keeping me in tip top shape and wedding day ready.


One of the first things I notice when I attend the wedding is if the Bride has poor posture.  They’re wearing this beautiful dress but when the Bride is hunched over it takes away from the beauty.  So of course when I started thinking of my wedding day and seeing those photos, I wanted to have good posture for it all. Dr. MacKenzie, Lead’s amazing Chiropractor, helped me with that.  You can’t have good posture without having your spine in proper alignment.


This point goes along with posture; if you are tense and your muscles are tight your posture will show it.  Therefore, leading up to my wedding I went regularly to a number of Lead’s talented massage therapists (I can never stick with just one because they are all great).  I would book it so that, I would get my hour massage followed with an adjustment from Dr. MacKenzie.  Not only did the massages help with my posture, they helped release the stress that comes with planning a wedding!


What bride doesn’t want glowing flawless skin on their wedding day?  I was just like any other bride; I wanted clear skin for my wedding day and for the many events leading up to my wedding (bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner).  Lots of skin concerns can be a connection to your gut health and diet.  So of course, who else is better to see for this than Dr. Willow ND.  Before getting engaged I had done the food sensitivity testing, so I knew where to begin with which foods to cut out/limit, but Dr. Willow ND also offered suggestions on which vitamins and minerals would be beneficial for me and my skin goals.


Last but definitely not least!  Most brides start working on their fitness goals when they get engaged, and I was no different.  Once I got engaged I signed up for a few more Pilates and flex classes offered at Lead to reach my wedding day fitness goals.  I wanted to shed a couple extra pounds and look my best for the day where I was the centre of attention (and had a camera pointing at me for most of the day and night).

My advice is simple, if you are a recently engaged individual and are wanting to look and feel your best on your wedding day, head over to Lead’s website to book in with our clinicians or book in to a Pilates class…or 10.