What does 5 weeks of Pilates, Chiro and Massage do for an injured body?

Sam is now 5 weeks in to her treatments and classes at Lead since her car accident earlier this year. Read about her progress and successes!
March 14- Chiropractic Treatment
Dr. Mackenzie says I am showing signs of improvements, she wants me to keep up with my stretches and we will revisit things in a week. We did an assessment of my range of motion. I am sure if we were to compare the beginning of February to now, I’ve made major signs of improvement.

Makes a huge difference in my recovery with such a great team behind me, with support and knowledge!

March 14- Mat Foundations
The last few weeks, I have been finding a hard time trying to coordinate times for this Mat class in my schedule. I really need to try to make this one a priority. What a great class. Brittany was the instructor, was nice to finally meet her. She did a great job explaining diaphragmatic breathing and the benefits Deep breathing is an essential part of maximizing any form of exercise you do. Brittany¬†helped us work through each posture. There was a good portion of this class that was working on postures, simple postures that we should be able to do without pain, man some of them were hard. Toe sitting? OUCH. Working and stretching parts of my body I didn’t even know could be stretched. Definitely going to take some of these exercises and do them at home!
March 16- Massage treatment with Suzanne
Suzanne would still like to see me once a week. This session she applied more pressure than normal. I was okay, minus a few tender spots. It was actually feeling relaxing instead of uncomfortable. She recommended continue with neck stretches and she would like to see me next week!
March 19- Essentrics
Dez has an awesome music playlist to keep you going throughout the class.There were some movements in this class that were quite tough for me. Really got a good leg workout, but at the end of the class we spent some time stretching, which helped me not be quite as sore the next day.
March 19- Block Therapy
This class we worked mostly on our stomachs; Core, Rib cage, Armpits and at the end there was a really nice lower back release. Each position was uncomfortable. But I felt great the next day. Who knew putting a wooden block under your armpit would hurt so much!!!