Tips to Make Your Wellness Goals Achievable

We’ve all been there. We’ve made a goal that wasn’t achievable and we’ve given up. We end up with no inspiration to try again…until a month before some important event or a beach vacation. Then we push really hard, maybe we make it or maybe we don’t, but we really have no long-term commitment. So, we end up back where we started.

I’ve tried this approach before; it sucks and it’s never going to work. Why do we believe there must be a due date for health? Can we make our goals achievable in a slower progression that our body is going to be happier with and that we can stick to???  I think so! Here’s my top tips that I hope will you. They work for me!

Make a 10% change – Smaller changes can make a much greater impact than trying to change too much. Take on too much and you fall off the wagon and feel like a failure. Ever tried making foam rolling a routine and decided to do it one day for a half hour and then never did it again? How about do one body position for 1-2 minutes 2x/day and see if that’s more attainable? Chances are, you could fit it in just before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning.

Prepare for success – I feel way more ready for the day when I have everything set out and ready to go to before I hit the hay. In order for my fitness goals to be met, I prep my food the night before, so I have no excuses but to eat the food that I have ready to go. Success made easy!

Don’t feed your excuses – Feeling tired in the morning? Did it snow 2 feet the night before? There is never going to be the perfect day for you to achieve the goal you’re striving for. So, instead of waiting for the perfect day to work on your walking pattern outside, go up and down the hallway and practice.

Brush yourself off and try again – We can often fall flat with our goals and then give up on it because we missed that one workout, or we had one too many cookies one day. Try to find a common theme behind your reason for ‘falling off the wagon’ and adjust your goal so you can get back up and attack!

Have an ‘accountabili-buddy’ – There’s nothing more motivating than to have someone by your side to talk to, whether it be your greatest accomplishment or your biggest failures. They are there to help regain perspective from an outside source.

If you ever need a helping hand with how to break your goals into smaller bites, you know where to find me 🙂



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