80s Inspired

Today I am inspired by the awesome 80s playlist we had for TRX/Restore. Dang I love the 80s – just to give you a sense of just how 80s a girl I am I am even providing you with a little visual evidence. You have to be an 80s girl to understand just how proud I am of how excessively big my hair was in those days. I miss backcombing 😉

Big Hair

But on to more serious things. Walk/run group was inside as we opted for some cross training in out of the rain. Had some really great reformer work. I really loved this one cue Jana gave me for this foot work we were doing. Just thinking of length in the back line even as you draw back in bending the knees. It really added a different intention to the movement when I concentrated on it.

But there was one piece of the foot work that was simply crazy. You know how sometimes you kind of curl your toes over the foot bar like a bird on a perch. Well this was a section of the foot work with the toes curled a bit but the curled toes against the foot bar. This was a crazy bit of cramp inducing madness. But what I can tell you about it is that your abs just GO – yes in capital letters they GO. It was such hard ab work, and eventually the crampy foot pain eased off a bit – so if you ever want to try something different ask for this.

TRX was great too. Lots of excellent hard work and even the stuff I have done before was subtly varied with Jana instructing. Once again I am simply amazed at the little differences between the instructors and what it means for your body. If you haven’t experienced many of the instructors you really should make a point of trying to get to a class with each of them. They are all so fantastic and each unique – so keep your body guessing and get into a class with someone new.
Speaking of getting into a class, don’t forget to sign up for the summer solstice classes. It is a great way to help raise money for a good cause and get something awesome for yourself out of the bargain.