A Challenge For You

So it is always really good to break out of your comfort zone once in a while. For most of us that is really hard in public places or around a lot of people especially. So this morning I was talking with the Divas instructor Jessica and she said they like to keep it fun, so when they do the cat stretch they meow on the extension and hiss on the flexion. So I decided, since I LOVE the cat stretch and I do it at the gym after a run or bike session, that the next time I do it I am going to be a meowing and hissing cat. I admit I am hoping it isn’t a busy day there LOL. So, take a minute to decide on something to take you out of your comfort zone and do it!

Onto a bit about TRX, the workout today was great as always, I am not a huge sweat person, but I was sweaty today! That is always a great thing. I have really noticed already since coming to this class lately how much better my plank is getting again – I had been doing so great at it, then I slumped a bit (not my back slumping but just in how long I could hold my plank), and now it is getting better again. Thanks for that Carly!

It was funny too as we were starting class I was already thinking that today when I blogged about it I was going to comment on how great the music always is in that class. And then at the end of class someone commented to Carly on it. Funny how strange it is when things like that happen. But apparently we have Carly’s husband to thank for the excellent playlists we get to enjoy at Saturday morning TRX. So THANKS!!!!

Also just wanted to mention, it has been years since I played squash (with the exception of about 15 minutes of it once in December). I went out last night and played for a bit. I can say that it felt great and I really can clearly say that all my time here at Lead made it possible for me to really enjoy myself and play much better than I expected after so long away. So another thanks!

Here I am making a bunch of thank yous – maybe that could be another challenge. Today find some great things to be thankful about and just share those thanks with the person you are thankful to – or maybe you could share them here in response to this post??? Maybe your adventure on the first challenge too???