A Cry for Help

And not because I crazily decided to go to piloxing class for the first time in at least a year (because that was awesome, sweaty, excellent goodness). But, what I really do need some help with is some other people to link arms and climb the way off the slippery slope I find myself on.

If you would like the long version you can read the end of this – but for the short version I would really like to try and get a group of people together – people who would like me are interested in getting healthy and working on making healthy choices. Moving into the holiday season and all the temptations and available indulgences means I could really use some help. If you think maybe you could use some help too then sign up!
I don’t see this being a group with any kind of set “program” or any kind of “weekly weigh in” kind of thing. It would just be about all of us sharing and talking and learning and supporting each other.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in give your name and contact information to the lovely folks at Lead (who have graciously offered to collect the list). We could meet for the first time at least at the studio. Once I have an idea of whether there is some interest I will let people know a date/time.

— The long background —
I have been thinking, sometimes that can be a dangerous thing but something I can’t avoid since I tend to like to contemplate and analyze and reflect. Lately that reflection has been on what is going on with me and how and why I am making my choices lately. By way of background (if anyone new is reading this and doesn’t know the story) back in January 2011 I made a choice, a decision to get healthy and to change my life. I was at that time 240 pounds, wearing size 20/22 clothes. I had been at that unhealthy state for quite some time – I say it was unhealthy because even after a few months of serious effort in improving my eating and activity habits in May 2011 I was still very close to 40% body fat composition (I don’t know what I was at in January 2011 but it certainly would have been higher than that).

At that time I was absolutely ready to transform. I was not satisfied with the way I looked or felt and I approached it with a focus and determination that quite frankly gave me really great success. By April 2012 I was at 166 pounds and a decently healthy body fat composition. Eventually around July I made my Weight Watchers goal weight of 155 pounds (which frankly I felt was a little low for my liking – I didn’t have a body composition assessment around that time but I am sure I was firmly into the healthy composition range at that time). But something happened – I reached that goal and things changed. The determination seemed to wither.

It has now been a bit more than a year since reaching that mark. I have seen my determination in both my eating habits and my workout habits decline, with the result that I have gone back up in body fat percentage (almost 37% again) and my weight back up in the mid 180s. Eating, I started returning to far too many of the choices that got me to that January 2011 state. I have made efforts since then to turn it around, but it has been an on and off thing. A few days of healthy choices followed by a few days of junk food indulgences (and junk food that is truly junk food and in quantities I had done so well to avoid). As for activity Lead still has me working hard when I come here. But lately that has been a 2 times a week thing, and that is a far cry from how much activity I was doing.
This all got me to thinking about why this change, I had never really understood people who struggled with this type of thing back when I was in my focused and determined mode. But I tell you I understand it much more now. For me, it seems like it is a host of things. The first is that it is much easier to be determined to get healthy when you are dissatisfied as I was when I started. It is much easier to be “satisfied” with the state of things now. I still look and feel better than I did back then, I can still shop at regular size stores etc. But, the big but, or the big butt, is that if I maintain my current course those things will not be true. I will continue to regain the all that unwanted body fat.

I also have been using a new work schedule as an excuse for reducing the amount of activity I am getting (of course this new work schedule started a year ago so it really isn’t new anymore). While it is true it did prevent me from continuing my morning Lead classes I had been attending I still get to Lead on weekends and one week night. But there was a bunch of other stuff – a lot of walking, and playing on my Wii fit, and playing like a maniac with my little nephews. Where has that all evaporated? This one I would say is directly related to bedtime for me. Lately I have been staying up well later than is good for me. That leaves me tired and choosing a later wake up time. A later wake up time means that I have not been doing morning workouts and those are the workouts I love the most. Hands down I would take morning workouts over any other exercise or activity. They invigorate me for the day ahead and are done when I am fresh and feeling good.

Now, on to why I have just spilled out this long drawn out story. I find myself missing the determination and wanting it back. Part of that is missing the contemplation and consideration brought on by regular discussion of health issues and how to make choices that make for a healthy life. I used to get this primarily from Weight Watchers online but haven’t found that a great fit lately. So I got thinking that perhaps there are some other people out there who might be interested in maybe getting together once a week to talk about these things (eating, activity, any other lifestyle choices i.e. sleep). This wouldn’t be like a weigh in at a weight loss program, this would just be an opportunity to share and learn from each other. Talking about a victory or a challenge, sharing an article that made you think etc. We can define what happens in whatever way works for the people interested in attending.