A little one-on-one attention

Hello Lead Pilates friends,

I’m in Ottawa this week at a conference.  I ran into a colleague who has not seen me in two years.  The first words out of her mouth were “Wow … have you ever been shrinking!  What have you been doing?!”  It is so great to receive acknowledgement for one’s accomplishments when it is least expected.

That comment got me thinking about how important compliments, feedback, encouragement, coaching, and some personalized attention are in motivating us to try harder, work smarter/safer, and accomplish more.  The kind words of friends, family, and colleagues go a long way to re-motivate a person on a long weight loss journey.   The motivating words of fitness professionals are also important.  The instructors at Lead Pilates are true experts at motivation – they are enthusiastic, technically proficient, engaging, and genuinely invested in ensuring your Pilates workout delivers results.

One thing that I haven’t yet tried at Lead Pilates is a private lesson.  I’m thinking a little one-on-one attention is deserved!  As a gift to myself, I have booked an appointment for a private with Jana.   In my two years of Pilates, I have three moves that I have still not been able to master.  I am hoping that a little expert one-on-one will provide me with a few additional tweaks to conquer these exercises.   I will not be defeated!  I’ll keep you posted ….

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