A spa treatment for your toes …

Hi Lead Pilates Friends,

So are you big toe or little toe dominant?  I’ve been amused with the idea of “toe dominance”, picturing my little military toes keeping my body marching in a straight line.  However, I’ve come to realize over the last few weeks just how important the concept of a balanced foot can be.  In Core Align, Jana has been spending time talking about the foot tripod and distributing your weight equally across your foot.  I’ve come to realize that my toes are a bit schizophrenic.  With some exercises, I lose the arch in my foot, and in others the outside of my foot and my little toe are kind of lazy.

Seems like such a little thing right?  However, once the Jana pointed this out, I was able to more fully engage my pelvic floor (by concentrating on not losing my arch), and I was able to more successfully utilize the strength of my inner thighs just by paying attention to putting a bit more weight into my baby toe an outside of my foot.   The beauty of this, is that I was able to work out just a little harder with seemingly no additional effort.  And the Core Align movements make your feet feel like they are receiving a therapeutic massage.  I have come to think of Core Align class as a spa treatment for my feet!


Getting Fit Happy Feet at Lead Pilates.