A Visit with Chrissy

Tonight’s class was just me and Chrissy having a great little visit…oh yeah and her making me work until the sweat was rolling. There really is something great about the Essentrics/TRX combo for pushing me to my boundaries. Although I admit sometimes those boundaries are a little wobbly and I definitely don’t push them as hard as I could. For some reason it almost always seems to be arm stuff and plank work.

But I did push one boundary a little bit – the deep squats I did without the straps – and even feel like I did pretty darned well on them. Single leg ones perhaps not so much. But I do feel like I was able to get a bit lower with them than I previously have – but I know I was using my arms a fair bit.

We also did one other thing that was new to me. The reverse hamstring stuff with the feet away from the middle of the room is something I really like. We did some of that, then some head curl ups. Then this thing that was a combo of a head curl up and the bridge with the feet out in the straps. Then drawing your feet in towards your butt. This one was definitely new to me. The loss of the arms providing stabilization highlighted a bit of imbalance for sure – was definitely feeling some pull in one direction more than the other. Definitely want to give that one a try another time to see how it changes.