Block Therapy: Mini Intensives

Tue Jan 07 - Tue Feb 11

Wellness Series

Over time, because of gravity, sitting, breathing with our secondary respiratory muscles and dehydration, we tend to collapse through the ribcage and fascia freezes us in a forward downward posture at a force of 2000 lbs per in2.  Our pelvis and hips migrate out of their correct alignment.  Our blood and energy flow become blocked and our tissues become congested with wastes and toxins.  The result is persistent pain, illness and premature aging. Block Therapy is the solution.

Over these 6 weeks we will work to relieve fascial restrictions that affect different parts of the body.

  • Headaches & Neck Strain
  • Shoulder, Arm & Hand Health
  • Low Back Health
  • Knee & Foot Health
  • Digestion, Elimination & Immune System Health
  • Cardiovascular & Respiratory System Health

Attend one or all 6.  No previous Block Therapy experience required.

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Block Therapy Intense Intensive

Sun Feb 09 10:00AM - Sun Feb 9 4:30PM

Finally….the opportunity has arrived to experience Block Therapy like you never have before (and you better pack a lunch)…..seriously pack a lunch because you will be with us for 6.5 hours!

Join us for our 6 hour full body Block Therapy Experience: “The Intense Intensive – Full Body Block”. We will dive deep into our tissue to experience fascial release in all the areas of the body. Our first 3 hour session will focus on upper body, we will take a half hour break and resume with our second 3 hour session will focus on lower body.

In this Intense Intensive, we will work to realign posture, focusing on joints to facilitate proper movement which increases our ability to move more freely without pain. You will leave with more energy than you have had in a really long time!

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