Block Therapy Mini Intensives

Tue May 28 - Tue Jul 02

We have a brand NEW series of Mini Intensive Block Therapy classes focusing on alignment!  These 75-minute classes are designed to work through positions to correct your alignment, release compression, increase your range of motion and reduce your pain. Proper alignment is critical for our bodies to function optimally. Block Therapy allows us to work towards creating space, which in turn promotes proper alignment of our bodies.

The Align Yourself Series of mini intensives runs from May 28 until July 2.  Attend one or all six – read more here. Tuesdays at 5pm. No prior experience with Block Therapy is required.

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Block Therapy Intensive Class

Sun May 26 1:00PM - Sun May 26 4:00PM

Calming the Body & Mind

Stress is becoming more and more of a significant occurrence in our everyday lives. Whether it is from work, or increasing levels of responsibility, perhaps major life changes or even persistent pain and illness, different sources of stress can trigger anxiety and depression. As various sources of stress become layered into our lives we can end up feeling exhausted mentally and physically. When we are ‘stressed out’, we can experience physical symptoms such as headaches, muscle tension, fatigue, digestive disorders and sleep problems. Block Therapy is an incredibly effective practice for reducing the effects of stress on the body and calming the mind. In this 3 Hour Intensive we will focus on a variety of positions that will target areas of the body where we hold tension. We will incorporate deep diaphragmatic breath as we tap into the calming part of the nervous system thereby reaching a state of deep relaxation.

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