Facial Fascial Makeover

Mon Mar 04 - Sat Mar 30

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished that you could soften fine lines, redefine your jaw line, and get rid of that double chin to create a more youthful appearance without surgery? You can with Block Therapy! We’ve come to believe that aging is a function of time, but it’s not. Aging is the result of fascial restrictions causing compression in the tissues of the face. When tissue is compressed it cannot be properly fed or cleaned. As a result the skin on our face eventually shows signs of aging. This is where Block Therapy comes in. As we release fascial restrictions we improve blood flow which brings healing nutrients to the tissues of our face and increases detoxification of our cells. Join us for this 4-week experience as we create a more youthful appearance with the Facial Fascial Makeover!

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Block Therapy Mini Intensives

Tue Mar 19 - Tue Apr 23

Over time, because of gravity, sitting, breathing with our secondary respiratory muscles and dehydration, we tend to collapse through the ribcage and fascia freezes us in a forward downward posture at a force of 2000 pounds per square inch. Our pelvis and hips migrate out of their correct alignment. Our blood and energy flow becomes blocked and our tissues become congested with wastes and toxins. The result is chronic pain, illness and premature aging. Block Therapy is the solution. These Mini Intensives are designed to combat the frozen fascia in our bodies with individual focuses such as headaches, knee pain, and immune system! Attend one or all 6 – read more here. Tuesdays at 5pm. No prior experience with Block Therapy is required.

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Block Therapy Intensive: Golf Biomechanics

Sun Mar 31 1:00PM - Sun Mar 31 4:00PM

Do you find yourself dealing with back pain, lack of range of motion in your hips, knee fatigue, elbow discomfort, or shoulder issues as you work your way through 18 holes of golf?  Our body is amazingly smart and because we are creatures of habit, our body will always look to the path of least resistance when completing an activity.  One way that we can outsmart those habits and patterns is to learn how to release our fascial webbing that literally sticks to our muscles, bones, joints and organs and robs us of true range of motion through our joints which ultimately impacts the power of our swing.  Strength to drive the ball further, be consistent in your short game or find the alignment in your body required when putting is critical to improving your game.  Join us for this 3 hour Block Therapy experience as we work to melt and release the fascial patterns that may be negatively impacting your game.  Start your 2019 golf season on the right foot, invest in your game, your body and your handicap will thank you!

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Block Therapy Intensive: Glam Edition

Sun Mar 31 4:30PM - Sun Mar 31 7:30PM

Calling all hair stylists, makeup artists and estheticians! We know how much you LOVE what you do…..we also know that your days are full of standing in awkward positions, working with your hands and leaning forward with your spine in less than optimal postures. We know that you are fashionistas in your own right, and that those cute boots that you are wearing can wreak havoc on your body. We know that after a day of making your clients feel like a million bucks, you may not feel that same way because of the discomfort in your neck, frequent headaches, and tight shoulders which can lead to situations like carpal tunnel. Your low back and hips are also mostly in a state of pain. We have a solution for these pain points that your body experiences. Join us for our 3 hour Block Therapy Intensive designed specifically for you! We will work through positions for your shoulders, low back, head, neck and hips. You will feel the melting of the fascial restrictions and the gushing of fresh oxygen rich blood into those areas that are causing the pain you really could do without! Imagine doing the work you love without the pain you don’t.
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