Lead Your Best Life: Get to Know Your Core

Fri Oct 02 6:30PM - Fri Oct 2 7:45PM

We all know the importance of core strength, right? A strong core gives us optimal posture, it protects our organs and supports our spine.  But did you know that our core strength can be compromised by old injuries, habits and fancy words like diastasis recti.  We invite you to join Samantha, one of our Physiotherapists and Inna, one of our senior Pilates instructors for a 75 minute educational and interactive seminar where we will dive deep into our core. You will leave with more clarity on the basics of our core and we will share hints and tips on ways to improve the function of this important group of muscles.

Choose to attend in our studio (spaces are limited) or stream the event from home via Zoom.  Investment is $25.

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Cellulite Thaw

Tue Oct 13 - Tue Nov 10

Did you know that cellulite is just fascial tissue that has stuck itself to the outermost layer of your skin and suctions that skin in a downward direction freezing it? Un-freeze it with our specially designed 4-week Cellulite Thaw Block Therapy program!

This time around, there is no special package required – you can use any class pack at Lead!  All our Block Therapy classes from October 13 to November 10 will be focused on melting through cellulite on your belly, hips, and thighs.  To make the most of it, we recommend that you attend 2 classes per week and follow along with our daily At Home Guide (it takes just 15 minutes!).  If you have the guide from before you’re all set; if you need to purchase the Guide, get it here for just $47.

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