Baillie Janex


Image of Baillie Janex

Baillie has always had a passion for pregnancy and birth. She recently completed her doula certification in 2019 through CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association).

As a doula, she is able to empower mothers and partners as they prepare for labor and birth and assure them that they can do this! Building mental strength and confidence in the ability of a mother’s body is vital leading up to the marathon that labor is. Educating clients during pregnancy on labor preparation can aid them in moving towards their most desirable birth. Often times mothers are not familiar with alternatives and options available during pregnancy, labor, and delivery so education them brings a lot of freedom and builds the necessary confidence they need to have their desirable birth.

There is no experience quite like watching a baby come into the world. Each time I am able to witness this I get goosebumps – it is so rewarding!

Baillie truly loves coaching mothers throughout labor and birth and seeing how much pride they have in themselves for doing something so miraculous. She is honoured when mothers and partners welcome her and allow her to be a part of their journey to welcoming their little one into the world.

Baillie’s specialties include: Labor Preparation, Prenatal Support & Education, Hospital Births, Medicated & Unmedicated Births