Carly Bosomworth

Massage Therapist

Image of Carly Bosomworth

Carly became an RMT in 2010. She was involved with sports her entire life and even competed nationally for racquetball in high school. She later developed tennis elbow from simply not taking care of her body and it made her want to go into a field where she could help treat and prevent injuries for other athletes. And if you’re wondering, she is happy to report that everything she has learned actually works and she is back playing competitively again!

Carly enjoys helping clients to get the relief they need whether an injury is the reason for their visit or whether they just want to be able to sleep better. She often utilizes cupping in her treatments to release fascial tissue, which is often an area that gets neglected and can cause problems if it is ignored.

I love it when I can help people to feel like they can move again!

She was attracted to Lead and the integrated approach they have so clients can have easier access to chiropractors, physiotherapists and other practitioners they can trust.

She also offers Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), which allows fascia and scar tissue restrictions to loosen faster and often with less pain. In a shorter treatment time, Carly can utilize IASTM to work deeper and into more specific areas. She studied this technique under Dr. Nikita Vizniak and uses ProSTM tools.