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What drew you to Lead?
I’ve known Jana for many years and it was her passion for Pilates that led me to her studio. It is her sincere desire to help others on their journey to wellness that has kept me coming back. Lead is exceptional in that it offers an ever-changing array of classes that offer new and innovative ways of moving and challenging our bodies. The team that Jana has assembled clearly share her passion and strive to make every class an exceptional experience for their clients. That’s why I wanted to be a part of the Lead team.

What do you love most about working with clients?
I love leading people who are committed to improving their health and helping them achieve their goals. It’s incredibly gratifying to give a client a cue that really resonates with them and watch them as they experience the difference or have success in performing the exercise.

What is your favourite class?
Although Full Mat Repertoire is a strong contender because Joseph Pilates designed it as the ultimate full-body workout, Intermediate Mat 2: Sculpt is currently my favourite. Every Sculpt class is like a mini-intensive mat workshop that teaches me so much about each exercise. The use of props helps me refine the exercises, minimize the little “cheats” I sometimes rely on to execute a move, and increase my overall strength. I like to combine Sculpt with Full Mat Rep which has really optimized my mat experience.

What don’t we know about you that you would like to share?
I used to think Pilates was just a nice way to supplement my more rigorous fitness routine. I chose triathlon, soccer, or the flex classes at Lead like Bodhi to get my heart pumping. It took me years to figure it out, but I finally came to realize that Pilates can be my main form of exercise. The bonus is Pilates has corrected some of my alignment issues so I don’t experience the joint pain I used to when I do partake in more strenuous activities. As with so much in life, Pilates is about the journey not the destination. I’m learning to pay attention to how my body moves and how good I feel moving it instead of being focused on the finish line.

Do you have any words of wisdom?
Never stop challenging yourself and trying new things. Challenges keep you motivated. Learning keeps you interesting.

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