Darla Read

Postpartum Doula

Image of Darla Read

Darla created her postpartum doula business for two reasons: first, to pay forward all of the help and support she received from women in her early postpartum days, as she knows it was that support that gave her an overall positive entry into motherhood; and second, because it became clear to her from speaking to other moms that most women don’t have the kind of support she was fortunate to have, and that lack of support has a direct negative affect on their mental health, relationships with spouses and children, and overall motherhood experience.

I love seeing women make connections, open up to each other about their struggles, and then the relief and joy that come across their faces when they realize they are not alone in those struggles. More unites than divides us as moms, and I’m proud to support women in this transformational time and I’m proud to connect women to each other.

Darla provides a premium self-care service that supports new and experienced mothers through the challenges and triumphs of motherhood with in-home postpartum doula support, facilitating community support groups, and leading customized workshops to help women cope with the emotional load of becoming a mother, and to process traumatic or difficult births. Darla is known for her compassionate, non-judgemental support that empowers mothers to make the best decisions for her and her baby – and only she knows what those decisions are.

She certified with the Newborn Mothers Collective in the fall of 2016.