Diane Murza


Image of Diane Murza

Diane Murza graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy in 1997. Diane has taken numerous post-graduate courses and has a particular interest in the Integrated Systems Model (ISM). This holistic model of care has given her a deeper understanding of complex connections between body parts and how pain may originate from a source other than where it presents.

Diane has a deep love for working with children and a particular interest in treating persistent pain conditions, such as chronic pain and lasting injuries. She has significant experience treating clients with a wide array of conditions from work-related injuries, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, fractures, as well as prenatal and postpartum pain.

“My greatest reward is seeing patients optimize their physical health and, in doing so, restoring other aspects of their life that their well-being hinges upon–through reduced pain, stress and sleep disruption as well as improved joy and quality of life that comes with the resumption of meaningful activities.”

Through myofascial techniques, joint mobilization, detailed postural re-education, and core/movement retraining, Diane helps clients of all walks of life discover more functional and pain-free living. Diane Murza is currently completing certification in Gunn IMS dry needling and is excited to offer this treatment to her clients this summer.