Dionne Barnstable

Personal Development Coach & Reflexology Therapist

Image of Dionne Barnstable

There is no denying that our thoughts and mindset create our reality. Dionne Barnstable’s interest in personal development began when she was in university and in the last 5 years has increased immensely. As she has continued to learn more about the big impact of small changes and began implementing these into her own life, she started to truly see and feel the shift in her life. At the start of 2020, Dionne enrolled in a 10-month coaching certification program which skyrocketed her own personal growth and development and has provided her with the training, knowledge and tools to help others enhance their lives by shifting their mindset, perspective and reactions to life’s everyday obstacles.

Dionne’s approach focuses on using your breath and body cues to understand your emotions, identifying areas of your life that need a reset, how to manage stress and anxiety in a healthy and productive way, and how to pivot out of the spin and hustle of life into a life that provides you more time for the things you truly love to do.

“Looking back, I know that my anxiety and stress stole so many moments of joy from my life. Now that I’ve shifted my mindset and understand my triggers and how to handle them, I am more calm, happy, and relaxed than I have been for years.”

Dionne Barnstable also has a Bachelor of Business Administration and she is a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist. She enjoys being able to help her clients relax, heal and care for their own health and wellness.