Dr. Alex MacKenzie


Image of Dr. Alex MacKenzie

Dr. Alex MacKenzie began his journey as a baseball player for Team Ontario where he found his passion for improving and pushing the level of the human potential. He then attended Canisius College, an NCAA Division I school, where he continued towards his goals of professional baseball. An injury along his journey brought him to chiropractic care where he discovered his new passion.

Alex graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto in 2013 and shortly after moved to Saskatoon to begin his practice. Although not originally from Saskatchewan, Dr. Alex has fallen in love with the prairies and enjoys exploring our province with his wife, Dr. Rikki, and his son. When he is not helping patients, he can be found exercising, enjoying the outdoors or sipping on a good cup of coffee with the rest of his family (Dr. Tom and Dr. Willow ND included!).

As a chiropractor, he loves to help everyone from the highest-level athlete to the person who just wants to get through the crazy busy work week in avoiding common injuries and performing at the next level.

Dr. MacKenzie’s Areas of Professional Interest:

  • Sports Performance
  • Family Care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Exercise Prescription

Dr. Alex uses a variety of techniques including hands on manipulation, drop table adjustments, instrument assisted manipulation and muscle work. He also has a passion for exercise prescription and athletic rehabilitation.

“We are gifted with the ability to heal from the inside out, chiropractic helps to express that potential.”

Dr. Alex MacKenzie is dedicated to delivering quality, natural, evidence-based healthcare to individuals whose health goals are their primary focus. Book an appointment today!