Dr. Lindsay Ludba


Image of Dr. Lindsay Ludba

Dr. Lindsay Ludba graduated in 2013 from CMCC with clinic honours. She previously completed a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with distinction at the U of S where she worked with the Huskie teams as a student therapist.

Lindsay has a long history of working with athletes. She is drawn to people who want to perform at their best. She is passionate about improving the overall function of the body as a whole. Her main focus is on healthy mobility and movement, nutrition and lifestyle habits, and how stress affects the nervous system.

I’m not going to pretend I know everything and I think that having a team of people to work with you towards your health goals will result in the best possible outcome.

Lindsay practices with a variety of chiropractic techniques including gentle adjustments for those who should avoid aggressive movements or prefer treatments that don’t involve “popping”. She also has a unique interest in complicated and chronic pain. If she can’t help you then she’ll work to find someone who will.

Dr. Ludba’s Areas of Professional Interest include:

  • Athletic Performance
  • Family Care
  • Functional Movement
  • Brain Health

Dr. Lindsay Ludba is excited to be a part of Lead’s integrated model in Saskatoon. The positive and supportive environment is an excellent place for healing and growth.  Visit her in her office today!