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What drew you to Lead?
In 2015 there was an article in the StarPhoenix about Lead moving to their new facility in Sutherland. At that point I was twenty years old and had lots of issues with my feet, to the point I avoided going to the gym and was not able to play sports. I was looking for a way to get moving that would not hurt my feet. When I saw the article, I thought this might be my answer. I had never tried Pilates or any of the classes Lead offered. Lead turned out to be the exact thing I needed. After going to the studio three times a week for only two months my feet had mobility to them and I could stand on my tippy toes for the first time in years. I was hooked on the way my new feet and body moved.

What do you love most about working with Lead clients?
I love getting to meet all these wonderful people that are all trying to better their health and fitness. They are all such wonderful individuals, I love the five minutes of chatting before and after the classes I teach, I always learn something new! I also enjoy seeing how their bodies change and their movement progresses with every class they take.

What’s your favourite class?
I would probably have to say the Full Mat Repertoire class is my favourite. I get to put all the pieces together that I learned in Mat Foundations, Beginner Mat, and Intermediate Mat.

What don’t we know about you that you want to share?
I played high level basketball all thru high school during the winter and summer months. I also played on the senior basketball team for my high school, Aden Bowman, until my grade 11 year when I tore my Plantar Fascia. I had a fourth grade tear and lost the ability to wiggle/move my toes for two months. And have not played basketball at the same level since.

Words of Wisdom?
Keep moving!

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