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Jana’s passion for Pilates began in the early 2000’s when she stumbled across a Shape magazine with a picture of Madonna gracing the cover and the word “Pilates” splashed across the page. Although Jana was not sure what this word meant, as a bit of a pop culture nut, she sought out a facility in Saskatoon eager to try this new form of exercise. After a few sessions she began to notice differences within her body and was completely hooked. Jana decided to obtain a certification through Pilates Core Integration and was eager to share the system of Pilates through her community.

As the owner of Lead Pilates, Jana has worked to create unique studio devoted to providing students with the latest trends in health and fitness, by individuals for individuals.

Get to know Jana and you’ll learn that she is a sports enthusiast. Watching her young boys play hockey makes those cold Saskatchewan winters bearable and when it comes to the gridiron, spending summers as a young girl in Colorado has left her a devote Denver Broncos fan…ask to see her John Elway bobble head figure for proof.

If you ever find yourself stranded on a deserted island with Jana one piece of Pilates equipment that she would not leave home without is her Split pedal Exo Chair. Its versatility and compact size makes it a perfect companion on those sandy beaches. She would also be more then happy to show you any type of inversion (especially Control Balance) as well as Long Spine on the Reformer as those are few of her favourite Pilates exercises.

As soon as you step foot in Jana’s class you will find yourself among friends. Her positivity is reflected through her practice and easily passed on to others. Jana’s goal is to help people enrich their lives as they gain or regain the quality of life she believes we all deserve.

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