Jessie Slorstad

Massage Therapist

Image of Jessie Slorstad

Jessie Slorstad graduated from Professional Institute of massage therapy with distinction in 2014.

Her family calls her the “family doctor”. She loves to research and identify problems. This is the same with her massage clients. She will find out what is wrong, and if she can’t help, she will refer you to another modality. She really appreciates it when clients do their home care. Making that extra effort really does make the difference. The whole body is about balance, through massage you are healing spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. It’s not just “fixing tight muscles.”

“To me, the body is one large puzzle and each puzzle piece has such an important role. We need to remember to balance ourselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically in order for all those puzzle pieces to match up!”

Jessie Slorstad loves to work on pregnant moms. Family is very important to her and the connection between mom and baby is like no other. She is the proud mom of one little boy. She also offers myofascial cupping and deep tissue therapeutic massage. Clients are often surprised by her strength because she comes in such a tiny package!