Kara Daniels

Massage Therapist

Image of Kara Daniels

Graduating with Distinction from The Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in May 2009, Kara has been helping patients feel their best!

“My preferred area of work lies within a deep and therapeutic approach that combines soothing relaxation techniques that helps to uncover and resolve deep rooted issues within the muscular body.”

The Lomi Lomi that Kara practices is a deep, therapeutic ancient Hawaiian healing art (from the Big Island of Hawai’i) incorporating rhythmic movements and long forearm strokes that soothe from light to deep. Lomi Lomi massage with deep, results-driven techniques; are intended to restore balance and alignment to the body. This form of Lomi Lomi works more specifically with muscle attachment sites, where there are less pain receptors. Also combining passive movements of the client’s body with massage techniques to achieve increased range of motion of joints.

These techniques allow the client’s body to relax where the practitioner can increase depth and uncover deep rooted issues within the muscular system.