Morgan Hladiuk

Massage Therapist

Image of Morgan Hladiuk

Graduating with distinction from the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in 2015, Morgan Hladiuk has a passion for helping clients achieve whole body wellness!

“I always played sports throughout childhood and my teen years so I have had an extensive interest in the human body, how it works and moves, and ways to recover better as an athlete my whole life. I fell in love with massage therapy because it works with the musculoskeletal and nervous system. It not only provides relaxation and the mental relief from life’s daily stress, but it also has the potential to provide immediate relief from the pain and tension most people feel in their muscles on a daily basis.”

Not every massage treatment is the same. Morgan works with her clients to provide immediate results in treatment, but she also strongly encourages home-care (such as stretching, exercises, or hydrotherapy) so clients can feel great 24/7.

Morgan Hladiuk provides a range of treatments from relaxation massage to deep tissue therapeutic treatments.  She also provides vacuum fascia cupping, which provides immediate relief of tension and an increase of range of motion (among other benefits) by loosening the fibers of the fascia with the vacuum suction of the cups.