Rachel Harrison

Massage Therapist

Image of Rachel Harrison

Rachel Harrison is a RMT with over 12 years of experience. Rachel’s background was in therapeutic and deep tissue massage therapy, hot stone massage therapy, and now Myofascial Release. With Rachel’s knowledge of fascia, she is going to be an excellent resource the Lead team. Since taking her myofascial release courses, it changed the way that Rachel looked at the body completely; addressing the fascial tissue can unlock injurious history and emotions we didn’t even realize could be causing us pain.

Rachel was drawn to joining Lead Integrated Therapies and Lead massage because of the inviting family feel and whole-health driven atmosphere.

“I love the idea of having different types of practices all under one roof where we can offer people a better chance of healing through drawing from each others skills. I’m really looking forward to having the opportunity to learn and expand my own skill set from this amazing team!”

Rachel works to educate her clients on what’s happening with their bodies so they can take control of their pain. People are empowered when they understand what’s happening, and in Rachel’s experience, she generally observes a much faster healing time and less chance of recurrence when people are involved in the process.

Truly committed to the Lead philosophy of improving quality of life, Rachel loves to help people become more aware in noticing what things in their daily life could be resulting in chronic or reoccurring pain. When we change those habitual postures and holding patterns and the client feels a shift in their body, the feedback that Rachel gets as a direct result is a resounding increase in quality of daily life.

Rachel’s Recommendation for New Clients:

“Myofascial Release is most effective with a series of 3 treatments 1 week apart to start. The consistency of your initial 3 treatments will set your body up to be most successful as you increase your range of motion in your joints, lengthen your muscles and increase your overall quality of life. Should you choose not to use them you can always cancel.   I book a few weeks out, it is usually easier to have the appointments and cancel if need be than it is try to book back in after your initial appointment – we don’t want you to lose progress.”

Rachel’s Specialties include:

Myofascial Release – This type of treatment is appropriate for anyone suffering from chronic pain, headaches, postural dysfunction, joint pain, recovery from injury or surgery, movement restrictions and more!