Suzanne Shynkaruk

Massage Therapist

Image of Suzanne Shynkaruk

Suzanne Shynkaruk has 10 years of experience. Trained at McKay Massage in Saskatoon, she graduated with Honours (Swedish/Therapeutic Massage & Hydrotherapy). Suzanne has since received a Certificate in Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy – Advanced Level 2 (head, neck and upper back pain) and is also a RAPID Adhesion Release Therapist.

A firm believer in after care, Suzanne helps to educate her clients that posture, strength, and daily movement are things to consider to prevent reoccurring problems. “Working in a facility that is all about helping people feel better and get stronger through movement is something I am happy to be a part of.”

Suzanne provides:

Deep Tissue – A slower technique combined with trigger point work to help break through persistent muscle tension and aches. For those who like a deeper pressure.

Therapeutic Massage – This treatment is used to promote healing, decrease pain and regain range of motion after an injury or because of overuse (Repetitive Strain Injuries). It can also be helpful post surgery. Lighter to deeper pressure is used depending on stage of healing and client preferences.

Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage – For any trimester although some techniques are contra-indicated in the 1st trimester (lower back). A pregnancy pillow is available (allows mom to lay face down later in her pregnancy)

Relaxation Massage – This technique uses lighter, rhythmic and less “spot-on” techniques. It is good for anyone looking to de-stress and those preferring non-specific work. Promotes relaxation and increases circulation.

Myo-Skeletal Alignment – A therapeutic treatment.. Aimed at relieving symptoms/conditions caused by poor/altered posture. A combination of MFR, muscle energy, and PNF techniques.

RAPID Adhesion Release – This is a movement based, soft tissue release technique. It is asked clients wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing as they will be actively moving and changing positions several times during a session. This is NOT A MASSAGE. For anyone with persistent pain and range of motion issues. This technique can be intense, especially at the end of each movement.

Motor Vehicle Accident and Work Place Injury claims accepted.