Tamela King

Reflexology & BodyTalk Practitioner

Image of Tamela King

Tamela has been practicing Reflexology for 16 years and BodyTalk for 10. She works with energy imbalances in the body (based in Chinese medicine healing principles) relating to habit patterns, belief systems, unexpressed emotions, and other stressors on the body, mind, and spirit.

“I liked the idea of the different modalities working together.  Lead has many services to offer and therefore many different ways to design a wellness program that meets individual needs.  Lead Pilates also is constantly striving to find new ways to assist in personal health care. The facility is awesome and I love the energy of the people that work there.”

Tamela believes that the initial cause of dis-ease in the body is a sense of disconnect. As a Reflexology and BodyTalk practitioner, she strives to work through this sense of separateness and bring awareness to areas of our bodies and how we feel and react. She helps her clients work on living more consciously, so their general wellbeing can improve.