Tammy Nelson

Mental Health Counsellor (RPN, BSW, MSW, RSW)

Image of Tammy Nelson

Tammy Nelson has over two decades experience working in mental health which include being a counselor, psychiatric nurse, and psychiatric nurse educator. Tammy completed her Master of Social Work in 2008, a Bachelor of Social Work in 2001 and previous to this, worked in the field of psychiatric nursing. Tammy specializes in working with men with various mental health and addiction challenges.

I continue to be amazed by the resilience of people I’ve met and how my life has been enriched by the therapeutic exchange. Through dialogue and our collaborative meaningful work together we will find solutions to alleviate disharmony you are currently facing in your life.

Tammy was drawn to working in mental health by her intuitive path to assist others with holistic healing. She aims to reduce stigma and labels around mental health and to show and share the importance of compassion and empathy. Through collaborative efforts, Tammy works with clients to alleviate stress, celebrate achievements, and navigate new paths while encouraging clients to develop a deeper understanding and acceptance of themselves and their capabilities.

Tammy believes that inevitable personal growth and healing will occur through the counselling experience and she welcomes everyone from all walks of life to meet with her.

When Tammy isn’t with clients, she enjoys Pilates, spending time outdoors snowmobiling, skating, and kayaking, and she focuses both her personal and professional time on optimizing her physical and mental health.