Wes Hodgson

Massage Therapist

Image of Wes Hodgson

Wes graduated with honours from the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in Saskatoon 2009, and has been practising massage in both full time and part time capacities ever since.

His specialties focus on therapeutic massage with a relaxation element and he believes that creating a type of treatment that tries to balance these two types of massage is essential for optimal results. Helping people relax and decrease stress is so important and being able to go deep and get at the roots of issues is crucial for stress management and well being.

“I improve my clients quality of lives by helping alleviate their current pain symptoms, but also by helping educate people on proper movement and identifying pain triggers and movement patterns to help them live more pain free. I believe we need to do our best not just to alleviate symptoms but also to educate clients on the causes of their pain.”

Wes’ services will include myofascial release in the near future as he’s always interested in pursuing further education and training to help his patients.