Adjusting My Perspective (and My Neck)

Okay, I need to come clean. Until 2 weeks ago, I always had Dr. Rikki use her activator to adjust my neck. If you are not familiar with the activator, it is a small little spring loaded tool that she aims in the direction of the joint she is trying to create some movement or activation in then it clicks and makes the adjustment.  See, when I was young, I had a less than positive experience with a neck adjustment (not with Dr. Rikki of course, as she was not even born then) and I revert back to my 13 year old self and shut down every time she would suggest it when she was treating me.  I would use humour or re-direct the conversation and she would get the activator and ‘click’ and on my merry way I would go.

Then 3 weeks ago I got this horrible burning pain in my left upper trapezius muscle that radiated into my neck.  My husband, Jason, and I were out of town when it happened so I was using my Block and pinky ball to manage until we got home and they did their job.  About 24 hours after this burning started I also experienced stomach discomfort, pain around the edges of my ribs and right behind my belly button.  I know enough about the body to know that these 2 situations were not a coincidence, I knew that whatever was going on in my neck was causing my stomach to revolt as well.

As soon as we got home I booked in with Dr. Willow for some acupuncture and then I saw Dr. Rikki.  Once I gave her the low down, she very professionally suggested that if I allowed her to manually adjust my neck the results would be more long term than if we went the activator route in this particular case.  Again, a few giggles and out came the activator.  I had minor relief that day and into the next but by day 3 I noticed the volume in the burning of my neck start to elevate.  I have to admit, I had been thinking about the manual adjustment for a few weeks.  That afternoon Dr. Rikki and I were prepping for a presentation we were co-facilitating at the Wellness Experience SK conference. As we were going over things, I had to get a foam roller and roll out my neck because I found it hard to focus as my body very rarely is in this type of discomfort. As I rolled out my neck, Dr. Rikki said, “I just wish you would let me adjust your neck and you would not have to deal with this.”  It was at that moment, that I fully committed to the person and the process that I advise so many other people who come to Lead. We went down to her treatment room, she explained in detail the process and away we went.

The idea in my head and what I actually experienced was so different, it was simple, not aggressive and in an instant I felt a sense of floating.  At noon the next day, I realized that I had not thought about my neck and upper back since the day before as there was no pain, I was back to my old self.  I continue with my block, pinky ball and have had another neck adjustment since then.

What is my lesson learned?  I am not sure why I am so amazed because I teach about this all the time, the mind has such control over the body and how we respond to various outside thoughts and actions.  When you have professionals who help you to understand the ‘why’ behind a treatment or movement, then the brain and the body move closer to that special spot where the magic happens! Oh, and PS, my stomach also settled right down because there were nerves in my neck that were being compromised that connect to the digestive system and the diaphragm, ahhhh….the body is brilliant!!