It doesn’t get easier, you get stronger!

“The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power.”

I love Pilates Mat class. I really started loving it the stronger I became. I was never this strong when going to a gym. So it amazes me that a simple form of exercise can give me this accomplishment. Granted, I am human, there are exercises that are still and will always be challenging. But I like to crank up the tunes and crush out the repertoire!

Full Mat Repertoire was my very first class I started teaching at Lead. Over the past couple of years, I had the same consistent clients or I had new ones popping in from Intermediate when they were given the green light. I started seeing this beautiful dance that it was. Clients can perform this wonderfully! I love the Full Mat Rep because it’s a quicker pace with less reps. It’s fluid, controlled and beautiful. But this last session, I saw so much more potential in my clients. I thought to myself how can I challenge them further? Yes, I added props in my Full Mat Rep class- I am sure they loooove the foam roller challenge 😉 but it wasn’t enough for me to feel satisfied. Pilates has layers upon layers- so it never gets easier- you’re always challenged and you become stronger every time. Just when you think you nailed something- I am going to make it harder- challenging you even more so, so you become stronger and feel even more successful than you did previously.

I came up with the idea to re-invent Advanced Mat. We used to have this class on our old schedule back in the day but what ended up happening was that clients would take Adv Mat just because they took 1-2 sessions of intermediate. The class did become watered down because not all bodies had the capabilities to be challenged and succeed in that class, and therefore it was removed from the schedule. So I pitched my new idea to Jana. We decided that this class had to be “invite only”- and I want to make this as clear as ever- this is for good reason- for the safety of clients as well as the fact that we want to keep the class free from being watered down. So I handpicked a few clients that have really been consistent in their mat classes, that have progressed significantly, and that are ready for this new challenge.

Even from my instructor perspective, this class is HARD!!! I wanted to focus this class on Control- Joe’s form of exercise was originally called “Contrology.” So with that being said, this class will teach the body and the mind how to ultimately control every ounce of movement we create. It’s not about how fast you can execute the movements but rather, the control it takes to move effortlessly into the next exercise making it look seamless. This is a class where you will become stronger than you ever thought possible. Now, many asked the question: ‘How is this going to be different from Full Mat Rep?” Here is my answer without giving away to much as I like this to be an element of surprise for when you are invited to this class! Think COMBINATIONS and lots of them!!  A combination could be 3 exercises or up to 25 exercises with smooth transitions. There will only be 4 lesson plans that will rotate each month. These are hard lessons so don’t think this will be boring and repetitive. I also have an awesome music playlist that some exercises will follow too as I wanted this to be fun! People often think you don’t break a sweat in Pilates- HA! This class will have you sweating in the first 10 minutes!

I am so excited for this class, not only to teach it but to see my clients work hard, be challenged, break a sweat and become stronger than ever. I hope you all enjoy this class as much as I did making it. Understand that even though Beginner Mat may be slow and tedious- it leads up to this killer class that you won’t want to miss out on!