An Excellent Week in Review

Oh what a week I have had at the studio. I can still feel it today – thank goodness for a day off!

I started the week reacquainting myself with Charley, you know Charley Horse. My class on Tuesday was going fantastic I had Tanis all to myself so we were focusing on things I needed. Well apparently my back line needed to remind me that I need to stretch it out way way more. And if my Dad is right at all I also need more calcium (he always says leg cramps clear up with more calcium). Anyhow, I was doing this one move on the reformer. My legs in the straps in a sort of diamond shape but with toes pointed. Then with one leg, without moving the cart I was to straighten the leg while flexing the foot. Got through about two of them and then Charley struck! My calf knotted up with such a big nasty ball of cramped muscle that you could actually see it there. I of course responded in my normal way with a sort of agonized cackle. Thankfully it eased off and I got to finish up a really great class.

Then on to Friday evening we go! What a fantastic night the Solstice party was, despite my having to learn another lesson about taking care of the body. So I was signed up for the 5, 6, and 7 o’clock classes. So late in my work day I had a little tiny snack (a banana and a tomato) and packed up my protein smoothie and my almonds for the breaks between my classes. My first class was TRX where I pushed myself hard enough that my calf was sweating in the humidity of the day. And Carly pushed us pretty good, we did an extra large dose of abs even – oh those poor first timers! But I didn’t follow it up by going and having part of my smoothie or any of my almonds, just some water.

Then it was core align class – which I am happy I managed to get one of my co-workers to come out to. I really do wish I could just bring everyone I know to one of every single class at Lead. Anyhow, so feeling I had to work hard after bringing someone who would be working hard, I tried to push myself pretty hard in that class as well. And believe me, based on the amount of sweating I was doing I think I succeeded in that task. Brianne put us through some decent paces on the core align and the arc. But instead of following that session up with my smoothie and almonds I sat around chatting with people.

Finally it was chair/trap table time. I was so looking forward to class with Jenn, I haven’t had a class with her for a while and I always love how she says with such an infectious smile that we are going to do something great, and then we do something super hard. Well, sadly, this is when my smoothie skipping ways definitely caught up with me. About a third of the way through class (maybe less even) and I was done. Hit the wall with a great big bang. Head was woozy, stomach was feeling a little off and despite sneaking away to go and drink my smoothie it was too late. As Jana said “You can’t play catch up” with that. You have to keep up in the first place. So I had to stop and just sit and watch the class (oh and buy a nice on sale sweatshirt).

Despite my bit of adventure with things on Friday night I was right back at Lead on Saturday morning and ready to see how my version of a two day marathon would go. TRX class in the morning went pretty well. Carly suggested (since she was on TRX class 4 in as many days) she might take it a bit easy on us, but then she didn’t really. She changed up a bit of the routine and added in some variations on stuff we have done before but basically she worked us pretty much as hard as normal. And then it was walk run group. Well I can say that I walked more than I ran overall. But I ran more than I expected that I was going to be able to do.

So I guess all in all I am pretty proud of my marathon end of week and my lessons learned throughout the week. Now I get to sit here today and rest!