Are you a Lead Olympian?

Are you an Olympian…we think so!

In the spirit of healthy competition, community and FUN, Lead Pilates is excited to launch our inaugural Lead Olympics.

Interested in becoming a Lead Olympian?  It’s easy, here’s how…..

  1. Register for Lead Olympics between now and January 30th* and receive a Free Team T-Shirt. The cost to register is $30 with proceeds going to KidSport.
  2. You’ll be randomly assigned one of 5 teams, led by our very own Lead Pilates Rockstars.

*Registrations will be accepted until Feb. 7th – limited shirts available only until Jan.30th – please email us at info(@) with your shirt size!

Team Blue – Chrissy, Jenn, and Christine
Team Black – Tanis, Bree and Brittany
Team Yellow – Carly, Lindsey and Carmen
Team Green – Kelly, Bailey and Desiree
Team Red – Jana and Melissa

Then what happens??

The Winter Olympics take place from February 7-23.  During this time, we have developed 15 Olympic Events, here is a sneak peek at a few of our events…..

  • Roll out! – Fascia Event
  • Drink up! – Hydration Event
  • Anything you can plank, I can plank better!: Planking Challenge

Our Olympic Scoreboard will be located at the studio, each team will have an area where each athlete (on their honour, of course) will keep track of their completed events with ‘Point’ stickers.  In addition to the 15 events, there will be bonus events that will be posted on our Facebook page, so…..if you have not ‘liked’ our page yet, you will want to, or risk missing out on the bonus challenges that will be worth big points!!

At the end of the Olympics, we add up the points and the winning team gets presented with a team trophy, glory, bragging rights and a few other really cool surprises!!!