Arms, how do I love thee?

Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my arms can reach (in Essentrics), right to the ends of my fingers in neurological stretches.
I love thee as my shoulders cry for surcease in a shoulder blast
I love thee freely, as I strive for one more pushup;
I love thee purely, as you burn from a tricep track.
I love thee with your biceps put to work in TRX.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose with my lost fitness,
I love thee even more since returning to the joy of activity
I shall but love thee better after even more pushups.

Sometimes I find it hard to love my arms so I thought I would take some of the lines of a famous ode and make it out to my arms. A couple of people were talking after TRX today about how we should be thankful for what our bodies can do for us. I thought my arms could use a little of that right now. Lately they have seemed to need lots of work, but despite the work they still need, I am grateful for what they can do now.

My last two classes at the studio (Essentrics/TRX with Chrissy and TRX with Carly). Have both been great for my arms. The essentrics is always such a challenge – my arms need that work but sometimes they sure do complain. And in TRX this morning my arms were really feeling the triceps work and then the plank/pushup/crunch move.
I also had an assessment with Carly which was great. I feel like I needed that to get me out of a little bit of a sense of complacency to see just where my body fat composition has gotten back to. It is really easy to just let it creep up and get away from you, so seeing where it was in April of last year to now I can target getting back to where I was last April – although I do hope that with the help of the pushups plan I am working on that my pushups will be even better than they were then!

So Arms, I do love you. I love you enough to work you a lot harder over the next several weeks!