What an Athletic Therapist can do for You

Certified Athletic Therapists are experts in assessing and treating all types of musculoskeletal injuries. This means that any injury to a muscle, bone, or joint, whether it occurred yesterday (acute) or years ago (chronic), it can be effectively and efficiently rehabilitated by a Certified Athletic Therapist.  One of the main goals of working with an Athletic Therapist is prevention, and trying to avoid these injuries in the first place. Athletic Therapists are specifically trained in strength and conditioning, and will work with you to build stability and strength to avoid slips and falls this winter season. However, if you do happen to get injured on the ice or ski slopes, an Athletic Therapist will be able to assess and determine the root cause of your issue. Having determined the specifics of your injury, your Athletic Therapist will create a customized rehabilitation program that will get you safely back to the work, sport or activities that you love as quickly as possible.

If someone you know or you yourself have been injured, be sure to contact us and experience first hand what an Athletic Therapist can do for you!