Block Therapy for Chronic Pain – Block Pain Away!

Like many people, I live with chronic pain. However, my days are becoming more and more manageable, thanks to finding Pilates and more importantly, Block Therapy.

Did you know that the cedar block buddies we use in our Block Therapy class are much like the bone density in our bodies? We lie on the block to create pressure and this, along with the infrared heat in our studio and deep diaphragmatic breathing, allows for restrictions (tight, painful spots) in our bodies to open up and create space. This allows oxygen and blood flow to be returned to those areas. What that all means is that “melting” our muscles and tissues into the block leads to less pain.

Some blocking tips for managing chronic pain that have worked for me:

  • Start nice and easy. Lying on the block may not feel so great on some or many parts of your body when you first start Block Therapy, and if you are prone to flare-ups, it is possible that this could bring one on. (Read the creator of Block Therapy, Deanna Hansen’s blog on Healing Crisis.) By being gentle with yourself during class and afterwards, you can minimize the possible after-effects.
  • Block regularly – consistency is key. Aside from the classes at Lead, I have a block buddy at home and use it almost daily.
  • Drink plenty of water. You want to rid your system of all the toxins you are loosening up with the block. Flush that stuff out!
  • Know the difference between good pain and bad pain. You want to find the restrictions and target them, but don’t push past your limits. We know our own body better than anyone else. Listen to it.
  • If you take medication for your pain, do what you need to manage. Sometimes starting something new requires a little increase in order to get through the day. The idea is to get to a “new point” where you can start decreasing, and for some, maybe no longer require medication for chronic pain at all. I am bound and determined to get to that point!

So, if you haven’t tried a Block Therapy class yet, I highly recommend it!  The class rotates between 3 different classes, check the schedule and then book your class.

My hope is, if you can become consistent with your Block practice, you – like me – can get to a place of less pain and a better quality of life. Wishing you all the best!

Melinda 🙂