Block Therapy Workshops at Lead Pilates

Lead Pilates is always looking to provide our clients with the best treatment and therapies to increase their overall health and well being. That is what drew us to Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy. Fluid Isometrics is a life changing method of tapping into conscious diaphragmatic breathing and increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to the entire body thereby feeding all of our cells. Block Therapy has evolved as a way of performing Fluid Isometrics and teaches how to melt through areas in the tissue that are holding our bodies in a negative state and reach each cell, ultimately rejuvenating and regenerating them and improving cellular health.

Block Therapy uses the ‘Block Buddy, which is a handcrafted therapeutic tool made of cedar designed to fit the contours of the body. The Block Buddy is able to sink deeply into the body, warming the connective tissue, releasing restrictions and improving blood flow. With the practice of diaphragmatic breathing in each position, oxygen absorption is increased as compared to just breathing with the muscle of the upper chest as most of us do.

Block Therapy is a is a therapy, exercise, and meditation combined and is a wonderful complement to any exercise because it improves blood flow and mobility. Students have reported the benefits of this therapy are that it improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, releases toxins, speeds healing of acute injuries, improves the appearance of skin and hair, and reduces cellulite. Here at Lead Pilates we are thrilled to offer 3 and 6 hour Block Therapy intensive workshops and help you transform your body and mind.

Join us for a Block Therapy class at Lead Pilates Saskatoon. These classes are open to anyone, you do not need Pilates or Yoga experience to attend, nor be a current client at Lead. Bring your friends and make a date of it!
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Feb 6 – 4-7pm
Feb 7 – 3-9pm
Price for the 3 hour session – $169 plus GST
Price for the 6 hour session – $299 plus GST
We will have 12 people max in each session.
For more information, or to sign up online visit the Lead Pilates page on Fluid Isometrics: