Why Bother Aging When You Could do Essentrics Instead!

Chapter 5 of Miranda Esmonde-White’s book “Aging Backwards” is called ‘Stretch it out: Flexibility is the Fountain of Youth’. In this chapter she explains how ideally we want to make sure every muscle is stretched and strengthened in relationship to its surrounding muscles in order to perform at the peak of our abilities. This ensures that all muscles can work together instead of pulling or straining other areas of our bodies and potentially pulling our bones out of alignment.  Tight muscles can cause a cascade of detrimental effects on the body, from organ disfunction to chronic pain. Similar results occur when there is an imbalance in strength and/or weakness of the muscles as well.

The body is comprised of 620 muscles and 206 bones. This means that generally a few muscles will attach at the same bone and they all pull in slightly different directions. You can only imagine if there is an unbalanced force pulling on that one bone over a long period of time, the bone will be pulled out of alignment resulting in poor posture. In a well balanced body all of the 620 muscles are equally strong and flexible. Each day we are using all of these muscles, joints and ligaments in every day type of movements that we very much take for granted like getting out of bed, standing, walking, brushing our teeth and carrying groceries. If these muscles begin to weaken or seize we start to experience pain and therefore reduced mobility occurs, less movement happens and those movements we took for granted become very cumbersome.

Essentrics increases flexibility by broadening the range of motion within each joint. Movement within a stretch and rotation of a joint to help straighten out twisted fascia. Eccentric movement feels good and is extremely beneficial in helping fight the following signs of aging:

  •  poor posture
  •  rounded back
  •  stiff movements
  •  shuffling or walking slowly
  •  stiff hips, spine or knees

The best time to exercise is NOW, anytime of the day and any chance you can, move and  stretch your body and enjoy your life!


– Sabrina,
Certified Instructor

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