Join us and Take the Challenge out of Breakfast!

We are launching the “Take the Challenge out of Breakfast Challenge” to encourage you to include breakfast as a regular part of your everyday routine! From September 22-28 we are challenging you to work towards starting your day off by including more fruits, vegetables and fiber into your daily routine. Through this challenge we hope you’ll find a simple and healthy habit that transforms your body, increases your energy and helps you naturally crave healthier foods all day long. AND, did we mention that you could win prizes?!?

If you are up for the challenge your action is simple: join the challenge then pick one healthy breakfast item each day for 7 days straight. Whether it’s a smoothie, overnight oats or an omelette, you are going to make breakfast a regular occurrence! Keep eating regular meals, enjoying your usual foods and moving your body. You’ll be taking steps to build a healthy foundation and encourage positive habits.

To help you, we’ve got some super yummy (and convenient!) smoothie and overnight oat recipes you’ll get for joining the challenge.

The idea is that you will repeat your favourite recipes or try something new each day. The possibilities are endless and totally up to you, but ultimately, we hope this will become a new habit that sticks in your daily routine! The real key is going to be planning ahead. You might even want to plan out what you want to make for breakfast for each of the 7 days at the very beginning of the week. This will help cut down on overwhelm and help you know exactly what you need and what you will be making each day.

As an added bonus, we are so excited to partner with HOLOS Super Breakfast to provide you with a custom discount code. If you want to give this Canadian company a try, use the Promo Code LEAD10 at checkout to receive 10% off your order. This is definitely not a requirement to participate in the challenge, but just an added bonus that you are able to use if you so choose.

We can’t wait to breakfast with you!

Join the Challenge Now!

-The Lead Team