Dynamic Pilates – Becoming Sensitive to the Intensity…..and Beauty with Brett Miller


Date: April 1-2, 2017
Location: Lead Pilates, Cycle & Fitness – Saskatoon, SK
Cost:  $170 + GST for one day, $270 + GST for both days
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Saturday 9:00 – 11:15 The Building Blocks of Pilates

In this workshop, Brett teaches a series of simple, but by no means trivial exercises, which demonstrate different dynamics that are necessary to understand in order to be sensitive to the deeper aspects of the works.  These exercises Brett has named ‘Building Block’ exercises.  You will then, together with Brett, begin to apply these ‘Building Blocks’ to more advanced exercises – even ‘very’ advanced.  You will find that you are able to do much more than you thought possible…while deepening your sensitivity to the more profound aspects of Pilates. (See www.pilatesintel.com/brettteaching/pilatesbuildingblocks/)

Saturday 11:30 – 12:30 Mat class with Brett

Here we apply what was learned in the first session to a Pilates class.  Brett’s classes are flowing, challenging and invigorating. He encourages each class member to always look for a deeper meaning in each exercise while also developing a stronger technique.  Brett provides valuable direction and cueing, reinforcing it with skilled tactile feedback.  Student’s often leave Brett’s class inspired and eager to learn more.

Saturday 1:30 – 2:45 Flexbands to Strengthen Pilates Technique

One of the unique aspects of Pilates when compared to other exercise forms, is the required attention to detail and the development of the dynamic of an inner opposition of.  The flex-band is a simple tool that was introduced by contemporary Pilates schools, adding a welcome variation to the Pilates practice. But more importantly, the flex band, used creatively and intelligently, can aid in the development of a deeper understanding of the deeper dynamics in Pilates, potentially resulting in a greater wisdom for movement out of a strong centre, giving way to more freedom and well-being.

Saturday 2:45 – 4:00 Applying Pilates to Everyday Life

You have been taking Pilates for a while and you now have a stronger core and life has improved – that is great.  And now we go further! Your quality of life can be significantly improved by consciously applying Pilates skills in everyday life.  We will enquire into ‘non-Pilates’ movements such as walking, crawling, sitting, squatting, lying, standing and others.  We will break these activities down methodically, decreasing excess tension and strain by applying the principles of Pilates.  This workshop will give you some tools and wisdom for movement in your life to flow out of a strong centre, giving way to more freedom and well-being.

Sunday 10:00 – 11:00 Mat class with Brett

Sunday 11:15 – 1:00 The Cadillac Workout – Progressions

We all know that the Cadillac is a wonderful piece of equipment, allowing one to perform exercises from simple to highly advanced.  In this workshop, we will take some well-known exercises and progress them into more advanced and creative way of working with them.  There are plenty of Cadillacs at Lead Pilates so be ready to move – a lot!

Sunday 1:15 – 4:00 Dynamic Reformer

One of the unique aspects of Pilates when compared to other exercise forms, is the required attention to detail and the development of inner dynamic.  With the help of images such as those below, we will go through well-known Pilates exercises, and a few of their variations, with the aim to find deeper aspects of the work, and in turn a greater sensitivity to the wisdom of the body where we can, in all situations, move from the strength of the centre, giving way to more freedom and well-being.


Brett Miller


Brett started his professional life in the world of ballet, working with various companies in the US.  Later on he moved to New York and branched out into modern along with the ballet. Since then, he has lived in Finland and now in Stockholm Sweden.

Brett became a Pilates instructor in 2006 after having received a full certification from Stott Pilates, and has been teaching ever since at his home base in Stockholm.  His classes are known to be challenging and inspiring, with a strong emphasis on working the intellect.  Brett challenges his students to go beyond the physical exercise to develop a deeper wisdom of the whole being.

Brett travels as a guest teacher in such cities as London, Paris, Oslo, San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Gothenburg.

In March 2013, Brett founded Pilates Intel (pilatesintel.com), the weekly Pilates magazine that has become highly popular with thousands of Pilates professionals and enthusiasts worldwide.

The intelligent technique that Pilates is, and the chance to continue to be physical, attracted Brett to this Pilates after being so long in the dance world.  Along with teaching Pilates, Brett also works on a consultant basis as a software developer.


Thank you so much for your workshops yesterday, what an inspiring experience!! Dynamic approach is so needed in Pilates in general.. Too often Pilates is just movements with the core engaged (and a lot of information in your head!), but the flow and the quality of the movement is missing.. You really gave us a feeling of flow in your class while teaching us the principles. It all felt really good in the body.
– Rita Härkin, Helsinki

You inspire us with your enthusiasm, commitment and philosophy. Transform a physical training to a spiritual experience. I have never been active before and never have understood why one needs physical exercise. I thought that building muscle was just vanity in my foolishness. You have opened my eyes and made me realize the true meaning of it. Last but by no means least, you have a sense of humour and makes it more fun.  – Man Chiu Leung, Stockholm

I experienced one of my best personal Pilates class with Brett. His insight in Pilates and competence to instruct firmly and high levelled, but yet gently and trustworthy created a superb and inspiring class! – Mona Stedenfeldt, Trondheim, Norway