Camp Energy Blast!

We are really excited to be sharing information with you about a revolutionary online program that was built to keep our kids moving while we are physical distancing, educate them about how their body works and will give parents and caregivers a break from ensuring they are kept entertained throughout the day.

Get ready for……Camp!!!

Camp Energy Blast was developed by our owner, Jana Danielson, who is a mom of 3 boys, has been a Pilates Master Instructor for over a decade and has been teaching kids for many years. In addition to owning Lead Pilates and Lead Integrated Health Therapies for over a decade, Jana launched her online studio called the Metta District in September of 2019.

Jana based the development of this Camp on research done in the United States called Pilates in the Schools. Camp Energy Blast includes ten 30-minute movement experiences that will keep your kids engaged. Jana teaches each class using stories, creative visualization and imagination and continually educates which means your kids are going to be learning while they move.

The benefits your kids will experience include:

  • An override of the body’s physiological response to stress
  • Initiating the relaxation response and invigorating the nervous system by means of concentrated and focused breathing
  • Integrating all the body’s systems to bring your kids into an energized, alert state
  • Organizing whole brain functioning for optimal learning
  • Raising levels of all chemical ‘messengers’ known to balance behaviour and inhibit hunger
  • Unifying the cognitive and motor regions of the brain critical to strengthening their attention and coordination, by the introduction of cross-lateral movements
  • Creating a fun, harmonious, and safe way of learning and developing group dynamics and social skills
  • Reducing stress, increasing mind and body fitness, and developing key elements of lifetime health habits such as self awareness, self care and self management

Camp Energy Blast is a $47 USD investment.

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Let’s keep our kids moving!! Our health and wellness needs to become a priority, bring the fun and education of Camp Energy Blast into your family today!