Cellulite Thaw 2020!

It SOLD OUT in 2019 and we had so many clients who experienced amazing results. It’s your turn to get in on the action in 2020!

Did you know that cellulite is fascial tissue that has stuck itself to the outermost layer of your skin and suctions that skin in a downward direction freezing it? The result is the ‘cottage cheese’ texture that we have come to describe as cellulite. Did you know that you do not have to be at the mercy of Mother Nature or genetics? Fascial tissue is web-like connective tissue that surrounds our muscles, bones and organs and it locks us into poor positions which decrease blood flow and that makes us age faster that we should or would like.

Our Cellulite Thaw class is coming BACK in January!! The Cellulite Thaw is an amazing 4 week experience where you will have the option to attend two specially designed 50-minute cellulite focused Block Therapy classes (outside of the 75 minute Block Therapy classes that are currently on our schedule) each week to help thaw that frozen tissue, improve blood flow and the look and function of your tissues. You will also receive your 4 week Cellulite Thaw At Home Guide that will provide you with a daily 15 minute Block Therapy sequence that you will perform at home everyday.

Dates & Schedule:

Our Cellulite Thaw runs from Tuesday, January 14 – Sunday, February 9. You choose to attend two 50 minute specially designed Block Therapy Cellulite Thaw classes each week (or 8 total over the 4 weeks, you do not have to attend two each week, there is flexibility as you have come to enjoy with classes at Lead, so you can do 3 classes one week and 1 the next, as an example). Choose from the following times:

Tuesdays at 2pm
Thursdays at 2pm
Fridays at 5:30pm
Sundays at 7pm

This Thaw is limited to 30 participants.

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Owning your own Block Buddy is required for this program so that your daily 15 minute at home practice can be completed. Your investment in this 4 week experience is $249 plus tax for your classes, Cellulite Thaw at Home Guide and Block or $139 if you already own your own Block. The 2 weekly classes are not absolutely required to attend, but they are highly encouraged. You will be most successful in your 4 weeks if you commit to your daily Block Therapy sequences, eat healthy and be properly hydrated.

If you need to purchase a Block, click here to get your pack including the Cellulite Thaw at Home Guide and your 8 fifty minute classes.

Click here if you already have your own Block at home and need to only purchase the Cellulite Thaw at Home Guide and your 8 fifty minute classes.

Once you purchase your package, we advise that you book your 8 classes between January 14 and February 9 online or via the MINDBODY app. You will receive your At Home Guide by email on January 14.

We are SO excited about this Thaw!!

– Jana and the Lead Team