Cellulite Thaw: Real Results

My relationship with my block has not always been a committed one.  Since Jana gifted me a Block Buddy about 2 years ago, that block sat on the shelf. Occasionally I would bring it out when I was experiencing some back or neck pain but then back on the shelf it would go, rarely me giving it the time of day. But, when Jana announced the Lead Cellulite Thaw class, I signed up right away. I will be 43 in August and as happy as I am about my body, my legs are an area that I’ve wanted to improve.

The first week was challenging, it was difficult to hold any one position for the recommended 3-5 minutes. It became very clear that I needed this therapy more than ever. My fascia was tight and had zero pliability, which now I know also impeded blood flow to the areas that needed this the most. I also experienced the healing crisis – my body hurt, I was emotional and felt quite awful. During this time, I made sure to drink extra water and rest as much as I could.

Week by week, as I continued to attend Cellulite Thaw classes and spend 9-15 minutes per day on the block, my body continued to respond favourably. I started noticing that my body felt better, I had greater range of motion and I started to look different. The biggest changes? My stomach was flatter and less inflamed and the bumps on my inner thighs started smoothing out. These drastic changes in a such a short amount of time were shocking to me! I wouldn’t have believed it either, but it was my own body and I was documenting through pics week by week and the results speak for themselves. I’ve already signed up for the Facial Fascial Makeover in March and can’t wait to see the results.

If you are experiencing pain and tightness, if you want to get your body summer ready, if you want to feel ‘ready to go’ the moment you step out of bed, or all of the above – I strongly suggest you buy a Block Buddy and sign up for Block Therapy classes at Lead.  Or join me for the Facial Fascial Makeover and see your own results!

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– Amanda