Everyday we make choices. Sometimes it seems to me that those choices end up seeming pretty connected when you look back on them a week later (or a few days later). Last week after my classes I chose not to come on here and write something up (it wasn’t that there was nothing to say, I just made the lazy choice of skipping it). Looking at that choice and the food choices I made this past week I can’t help but think of the two things as connected since I made a lot of lazy food choices this week as well (lazy and unhealthy grrrrr). That is one of the big reasons I am sitting here writing this out right now – wanting to start this week off with a better, healthier choice and work on keeping that up throughout the week.

One thing I had meant to write about last week was the standing “clock” leg work we did. Then lo and behold what was in Essentrics class again this week???? You guessed it, standing “clock” leg work. Dang that makes my butt feel the burn not to mention other parts of my legs/hips etc.

We also did a short version of the triceps stuff that has at times made me want to cry. The short version was nice, the triceps still felt worked but I could still get them up into a stretch without invoking tears. But it is very interesting how easy it is to cheat yourself on that one. I wasn’t getting much from it at the start and then I recognized that my shoulders were rolled forward – I remembered that you need an open, shoulders back, position if you want to get the most of that one. Once those shoulders got back boy the nature of the burn sure changes!

Well, we are onto a new session and I will miss my Sunday classes. It has been great this session getting to know a few of my fellow torture victims ;). But the new session brings new things to look forward to. Tuesday evenings is the plan, a nice 50 minute walk from work and then Recharge Equipment Circuit. And Saturdays carrying on with TRX in the mornings. It will be a great new session. What are you looking forward to this session?